I’ve always wanted the integration of the things that I like doing with my reality, avoiding having things that come my way as my only references. Respecting this peculiarity, I started drawing and painting, since these were my childhood passions, and I added in the Graffiti, a urban language that uses the help of the Hip Hop movement to fight and look for solutions for social problems – and I can relate to all of these elements.

Living in Sao Paulo, I started doing Graffiti in the traditional way. It didn’t take much time until I felt the need of drawing things that would represent the people that surrounded me – black people –, since they were not being appreciated or represented in any forms. Doing that, I became closer to the community, and seeing that I was painting faces they could relate to, people started stopping to talk to me about it – and even a simple look was a way of communication. I started understanding more about their history, feelings, problems and wishes.

Once I saw the impact of this work, I realized that this was the result of a passion that was adapted to my reality. I also realized that I was able to arouse feelings, and more than just adapt, transform and change the reality of the people that were in contact with my work.

Knowing that was life changing, because it resulted in having an ambition far superior than just being recognized and pleasing art critics – I discovered the desire of changing the lives of people that I encounter, helping forming a good society.

I believe that art is a tool that enables this direct intervention, opening new horizons – but in a real and accessible way, so it really reaches people.

That’s why today I do art having in mind social issues, so it can be one more tool for building knowledge.


Alexandre Keto


Main Art Exhibitions and Live Painting

2006 – TEIA – Ibirapuera’s Biennial Art Exhibition
2011 – Lezart urbaine BruxellesExhibition – Belgium
2012 – Biennial de L’art Dakar – Senegal
2012 – All you can paint Halle – Germany
2012 –TabomStreet Art Project – Ghana
2013 –La FricheArt Exhibition – France
2013 -EfunExhibition -Matilhacultura – São Paulo
2014 – Mural of the United States Consulate – São Paulo
2014 – Afrikan Festival Tübingen – Germany
2015 –GraffitiBiennial GFA – São Paulo
2015 – Non-Profit STARS Baltimore, Maryland – USA
2015 – Suitland High School Forestville, Maryland – USA
2015 – Waverly School of the Arts in Brownsville, Brooklyn, NY – USA
2015 – NJPAC Ironbound Community Garden, Newark, New Jersey – USA
2015 –AfreakaFestival – São Paulo, Brazil
2015 – Art 4 Rights Amnesty International – USA
2016 – Mural to Doctors Withou Borders – BRA
2016 – Mural Eduation is Not a Crime –USA
2016 – First year celebration of Decade of the Afro descent in PG county – USA

Works with Embassies and Consulates

2011 – Brazilian Embassy in Senegal
2012 – Brazilian Embassy in Senegal
2012 – Brazilian Embassy in Mauritania
2012 – Brazilian Embassy in Ghana
2014 – United States Consulate in São Paulo


2013 – Cultural Agent – Brazil’s Ministry of Culture
2016 – Recognition of support for African Diaspora – Prince George’s County